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DETCHEM products showcased at award-winning AIChE presentation


Lee Tonkovich wins the Outstanding Paper Award from the Fuels and Petrochemical Division at the AIChE Spring 2024 meeting for her contribution titled "Uncover the Secret Life of Catalysts with Accessible Reaction Engineering Tools: Dry Reforming of Methane and Reverse Water Gas Shift."

Meet omegadot at AIChE Spring Meeting 2024


Join omegadot in New Orleans to learn about DETCHEM and Adacta. Level 1, Hall B, New Orleans Convention Center, Booth #516

Reducing CO2 Emissions in the Steel Industry


Learn about the collaborative effort between Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Paul Wurth (SMS group) in revolutionizing the steel industry. Leveraging omegadot's advanced simulation software, researchers have developed an innovative process to potentially reduce CO2 emissions.

Tonkomo's Experience with DETCHEM PBR

Anna Lee Tonkovich, Ph.D.

Learn how Tonkomo LLC leveraged DETCHEM to enhance their business operations and achieve success in reactor design for their customers.