Take control of your packed bed reactor design with DETCHEM  PBR

Introducing DETCHEM PBR, a fixed bed reactor simulator that swiftly solves complex steady-state design equations, often within seconds. Utilizing cutting-edge heat transfer correlations along with accurate thermophysical properties, DETCHEM PBR can often achieve the same results with lightning-fast 1D models as those obtained by more time consuming and computationally slower 2D and 3D simulations.

Stop waiting for results: Faster simulations unlock creativity by allowing for rapid iteration of design concepts.

Research Data Management

Future proof and immortalize your research data.

Adacta is a tool to manage your research data. By creating a digital twin of an experimental setup, Adacta produces a traceable history of all the samples and measurement equipment in your lab, even as samples and installed devices evolve over time. Simply put, Adacta future proofs your valuable experiments. Although designed with the catalysis community in mind, Adacta is applicable to any field where data are collected by devices.

Screenshot of Adacta showing overview of resources.

About omegadot

Software & Consulting in Chemical Technology.

We provide software solutions and consulting services in the field of chemical technology with a focus on reactive flows simulation and optimization of catalytic processes. Our expertise lies in developing customer-centric solutions through a unique combination of software and support.

With a network of strategic partners and experienced colleagues, we offer our clients bundled expertise across a broad professional spectrum. This includes technical consulting and support, custom software solutions and collaborative research projects.

Omegadot accompanies its customers and partners through the challenges of digital change and offers innovative consulting services in the area of chemical technology, regardless of whether they work in an industrial or an academic environment. Given the complexity of the technical systems involving chemically reacting flows, software alone will likely not solve your problem in its entirety.

As a more effective solution, omegadot therefore offers the combination both software and consulting in a single package.

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