Technical Consulting

omegadot accompanies its customers and partners through the challenges of digital change and offers innovative consulting services in the area of chemical technology, regardless of whether they work in an industrial or an academic environment. Given the complexity of the technical systems involving chemically reacting flows, software alone will likely not solve your problem in its entirety.

As a more effective solution, omegadot therefore offers the combination both software and consulting in a single package.

Our approach

Applied Research

Numerical simulations reduce time and cost intensive experimental iteration and help to locate problems that may not be easily identifiable from experimental techniques alone. We use advanced experimental and theoretical methods to study the kinetics of catalytic reactions and their interactions with mass and heat transport in chemical reactors, emission control devices, fuel and electrolysis cells. A special emphasis is given on the development of mathematical models and computer codes for the numerical simulation of technical devices and processes.

For more complex questions, we prepare feasibility studies and reports in order to determine how a solution can best be implemented using our software.

Benefits of our

Software Development Projects

Custom software development projects cover requirements that are beyond the scope of standard software features. Nothing gets the job done better than a program created just for you and your team. See our most recent development Kinetiker for inspiration.

Lab Diagnostics


omegadot has access to fully equipped modern testing facilities at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for studying various aspects in the field of catalysis and exhaust gas aftertreatment. Typical services include catalyst preparation, coating and characterization, testing of catalyst powders and coated honeycombs by systematic kinetic measurements under model and complex reaction conditions. Further services include conducting complex flow and temperature distribution simulations on the basis of elementary kinetics and global kinetics.

The complementary core competences of testing, theory and characterization center are of decisive advantage by enabling innovative knowledge-based development for future-oriented ideas.